Bcg vaccination

BCG vaccination

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Only widely used live bacterial vaccine  
Bacilli Calmette Guerin- BCG 230 subcultures over 13 years of M.bovis.


  • First human to be vaccinated by intradermal technique in 1927.
  • WHO has recommended the Danish 1331 strain for the production of BCG.
  • Freeze dried is a more stable preparation. Normal saline is recommended for reconstituting the vaccine as distilled water causes irritation.


  • Usual strength is 0.1 mg in 0.1 ml. Dose to newborn below 4 weeks of age is 0.05 ml.
  • Tuberculin syringe (Omega microstat needle fitted with a 1 cm steel 26 gauge intradermal needle).
  • A satisfactory injection should produce a wheal of 5 mm in diameter.
  • Vaccination 2-3 weeks papule 5 weeks 4-8 mm 6-8 weeks Scar.
  • If there is a local abscess formation- treat with aspiration if it doesn’t heal spontaneously. If not successful- incise and treat with local applications of INH or PAS powder daily 0-80% protection.
  • GACVS recommends- children who are known to be HIV infected even if asymptomatic should no longer be immunized with BCG. BCG can be given at the same time as OPV and DPT.
Bcg vaccination

Source : Lancet

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