Heart Blocks simplified

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The story of the AV Block family key: p wave = wife qrs = husband pacer = counseling

normal sinus rhythm: the wife (p wave) waits at home for the husband (qrs). the husband (qrs) come homes on time every night.

1st degree AV block: the wife (p wave) is waiting at home. the husband (qrs) comes home late every night, but he always comes home and its at the same time every night.

2nd degree block type I (Weinkebach): the wife (p wave) is waiting at home. the husband (qrs) come home later and later every night until one night he doesn’t come at all. note: husband (qrs) must come home at least 2 nights in a row to see this pattern.

2nd degree AV block type II the wife (p wave) is waiting at home. sometimes the husband (qrs) comes home, sometimes he doesn’t. when he does come home, its always at the same time. note: this is usually more serious than type I (Weinkebach) and will sometimes require counseling (pacing).

3rd degree AV block: wife (p wave) is no longer waiting at home. she and her husband (qrs) are now both on separate schedules and have no relationship and they are no longer talking. each spouse has a regular, individual schedule. note: this frequently requires counseling in the form of a temporary or permanent pacer.

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