Opthalmology High Yields

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Classifications used in Ophthalmology ✅KISA index: Keratoconus
✅Ropen Hall/ Dua Classification: Chemical Injury
✅Rees Elsworth classification: RB
✅Van Herik’s : AC depth
✅SUN : Uveitis classification Also remember Rabowitz Criteria are given for Keratoconus

 2. *Ciliary Staphyloma*
✅Protrusion of uveal tissue from the area where thinning of sclera is at the position of ciliary body
✅The distance from limbus is around 4 mm 
✅Most common cause of ciliary staphyloma: Absolute glaucoma

3. Altitudnal visual defect is seen in NAION > AION Also remember
✅Bitemporal hemianopia: Saggital Chiasma lesion
✅Keyhole visual field defect: LGB
✅ pie in the floor : Parietal lobe
✅ Pie in the sky temporal lobe  
*3rd nerve palsy* – Ptosis due to Paralysis of LPS – Deviation of eye down and out –

*Benedicts syndrome*- Ipsilateral third nerve palsy and tremor and ataxia –

*Weber’s Syndrome* – Ipsilateral third nerve palsy and a contralateral hemiplegia Pupil sparing palsy or pupil involving palsy can be there Surgical Causes like aneurysm and compressive lesions always involve pupil.  Medical causes of third nerve palsy like DM and Hypertension cause pupil sparing third nerve palsy.
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