Vaginal Candidiasis

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Vaginal Candidiasis

It is caused by yeast-like microorganism Candida. Commonest is candida albicans.
* gm +ve, grows in acid medium.

Risk factors
* immunosuppression
* promiscuity
* pregnancy
* drugs- steroids, broad spectrum antibiotis
* OC pills
* DM, poor hygiene

Clinical features
* pruritus vulva
* vaginal irritation, dysurea
* curdy dischage
* speculum exam:
– vaginal wall congestion
– curdy discharge

* clinical findings
* confirmed on microscopic examination of discharge treated with 10% KOH sol
* gram staining
* pap smear
* culture on Sabouraud’s agar

* local application of antifungal agent– Imidazole, miconazole, clotrimazole etc–pessaries or cream for 3-6 days
* single dose of 150 mg Fluconazole
* both partners should b treated.

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