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Infectious Diseases key points

Stepladder, few week history of fever, rose spot (rash) abd pain, diarrhoea. Constipation, splenomegaly = Typhoid.

High swinging fever, rigors, scrotal pain, Lymphadenopathy, headache, joint muscle pain, abd pain n Constipation= Brucellosis

Jaundice, high color urine (blood casts), oliguria or anuria, renal involvement, lung involvement, conjunctival hypermia, fever= leptospirosis (weil disease)

Grouped vesicles on mouth, genitals and tingling sensation before their eruption: herpes simplex.

Grouped vesicles on anyother body part with burning discomfort or pain before eruption then herpes zoster.

Lock jaw, convulsion, rigidity, trauma history: tetanus

Pharyngitis, palate petechia, periorbital edema,erythymea multiform, jaundice, fever headache malaise spleenomegaly Lymphadenopathy heterophile antibody = Ebv IM

Dragging sensation in ruq, low fever, enlarge liver, humped right hemidiaphragm, cyst on USG: hydatid cyst.

If toxic with severe tenderness n pain in ruq, swinging fever and no cyst on USG and impaired lfts, flask shape ulcer on sigmoidscopy, anchovy sauce, chocolate brown appearance of pus aspire, raised hemidiaphram : Amoebic liver abscess.

Insomnia, tremor, dizziness, confuse, CNS n behavior problem, spleen large, lymph adenopathy, fever : trypansoma tstetste fly SLEEPING SICKNESS.

unilateral firm red swell of lids (Romania sign) dusky red firm swelling, morbilfiorm rash, lymph node = Chagas disease

Painless Lymphadenopathy, fever. Sorethroat. Headache : toxoplasmosis

High fever, blackish skin discolor, anemia, Lymphadenopathy, splenomegaly, rigor chill, hyperalbumeima, edema, ascites, ANASCARA = Leshmania, Kalazar fever

Fever pain inflamed spermatic cord, enlarge scrotum, Lymphadenopathy: elephantits . filariaisis

Ground itch feet. Cough blood sputum, diarrhoea vomit anemia : hookworm

Rigor chill fever fits sweat Jaundice hepatospleenomegaly : Malaria

Parotid swell, fever : mumps

Upper resp infection. Koplik spots! Diarrohea. Conjunctivts! Otitis media, : Measles

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