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HIV high yield questions.

Slims disease❓HIV✅

Mc opportunistic infection with HIV in India❓TB✅

MC fungal infection in AIDS in INDIA? Candidiasis✅

Mc Fungal infection in AIDS in world❓pneumocystis carinii✅

Mc extranodal site for lymphoma in HIV patients❓CNS✅

Mc extranodal site for lymphoma in non HIV PATIENTS? Stomach✅

Risk of transmission of HIV with needle stick injury❓0.3%✅

Macrophage tropic strain of HIV virus❓R5✅

T cell tropic strain of HIV virus❓X4✅

Gene critical for HIV replication❓tat✅

Commonest skeletal muscle disorder seen in HIV❓inflammatory myopathy✅

Neurological manifestation of HIV are due to involvement of❓microglia✅

Mc neurological manifestation of HIV infection❓AIDS dementia complex✅

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