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Some Important Muscles and their Special names !!!

1-Anti rape Muscle / Muscle virgineous : Gracilis
2-Cheating Muscle : Superior oblique
3-Safety muscle of tongue : Genioglossus 4-Tailors muscle : Sartorius
5-Thermostat of testis : Cremaster
6-Boxer’s muscle – serratus anterior
7-Muscle of marriage – medial rectus
8-Muscle of divorce – lateral rectus
9-Muscle of honeymoon – sartorius
10-Swimming muscle – pronator quadratus

11-Climbing muscle- latissimus dorsi
12-Red muscle – postural muscl
13-White muscle- extra occular muscle 14-Spurt muscle – brachialis
15-Shunt muscle -brachioradialis
16-Copying Muscle- Superior oblique
17-Quadrilateral – thyrohyoid.
18-Straplike – sternohyoid & Sartorius. 19-Straplike with tendinous intersections – rectus abdominis.
20-Fusiform – biceps, digastrics etc.

21-Triangular – adductor longus, temporalis.
22-Shawl muscle – Trapezius.
23-Guthrie’s muscle – Sphincter urethrae. 24-Laughing/Smiling muscle – Zygomaticus major.
25-Unipennate (fibres arranged to insert in a diagonal direction onto the tendon allowing great strength ) – Flexor policis longus, extensor digitorum longus, peroneus tertius.
26-Multipennate (multiple rows of diagonal fibres, with a central tendon which branches into two or more tendons) – Subscapularis, deltoid.
27-Circumpennate – Tibialis anterior.
28-Spiral or Twisted fasciculi – Trapezius, Pectoralis major, Latisimus dorsi, Supinator.
29-Cruciate muscles -Sternocleidomastoid, Adductor magnus, Masseter.
30-Subcutaneous muscles – Platysma, Palmaris brevis.

31-Longest muscle – Sartorius (tailor muscle).
32-Smallest muscle – Stapedius.
33-Locking muscles – Popliteus.
34-Casser’s perforated muscle – Coracobrachialis.
35-Coiter’s muscle – Corrugator supercilli. 36-Cowl muscle – Trapezius.
37-Rider’s muscle – Adductor muscle of thigh.
38-Valsalva’s muscle – Muscle of Tragus. 39-Sommering’s muscle – Levator glandulae thyroideae.
40-Thelle’s muscle – Superficial transverse perinea muscle.

41-Toynbee’s muscle – Tensor tympani. 42-Wilson’s muscle -Sphincter urethrae.  43-Wrinkler muscles of eyebrow – Corrugator supercilli (Coiter’s muscle). 44-Sibson’s muscle – Scaleneus minimus. 45-Gavard’s muscle – Oblique fibres in the muscular coat of stomach.
46-Oehl’s muscle – Strands of muscle fibres in the chordae tendinae of the left A-V valve.
47-Rotator Cuff muscles(SItS) Supraspinatus-Greater tuberosity of humerus Infraspinatus-Greater tuberosity of humerus teres MinOr-Greater tuberosity of humerus Subscapularis-Lesser tuberosity of humerus

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