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Understanding Diabetic Retinopathy

One of the most common of diabetes complications is diabetic retinopathy. In this condition, progressive damage to the retina of the eye takes place...

How to Deal With Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

Diabetes can damage the nerves that transmit signals throughout your body. This nerve damage is known as diabetic neuropathy. When you have diabetes, you are...

Pulmonary Aspergillosis

Pulmonary aspergillosis can present in 3 major forms:Aspergillomafungal ball in an old tuberculous cavityshows Monad sign(usually also called air crescent sign) Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA)central bronchiectasisgloved finger...

Renal Tuberculosis

Renal tuberculosis occurs due to hematogenous spread.Renal TuberculosisSalient points:Earliest symptom: Frequency of micturationLab reports: Sterile PyuriaBest Radiological test: IVPEarliest feature - feathery appearance of...

Infectious Diseases Key Points

Infectious Diseases key points Stepladder, few week history of fever, rose spot (rash) abd pain, diarrhoea. Constipation, splenomegaly = Typhoid.High swinging fever, rigors, scrotal pain,...

X ray appearences in heart diseases

X ray appearences in heart diseases. 1. Coeur en Sabot /Boot shaped heart – Tetralogy of Fallot. 2. Pear/Money bag/purse – Pericardial Effusion. 3. Box shaped heart...

Important Classifications

IMPORTANT CLASSIFICATIONS 1)Page classification is for❓ Abruptio placenta✔✔ 2)Sher classification is for❓ Abruptio placenta✔✔ 3)Clarke 's classification is for❓ Classification of heart diseases in pregnancy✔✔ 4)Priscilla White's classification...

Hodgkin’s lymphoma

HODGKIN'S LYMPHOMA Most common lymph node affected - cervical lymph node. WHO classification ( 2 types on the basis of Reed Sternberg cells) A) CLASSICAL—(following 4 subtypes) ■...

Pear Shaped Structures in Medicine

Pear Shaped Structures in Medicine *🍐 Pear shaped Bladder : _Pelvic Hematoma, Bilateral Lymphocele, Pelvic Lipomatosis._* *🍐 Pear shaped Heart : _Pericardial Effusion._* *🍐 Pear shaped Trophozoites...

Water Relationship with Medicine

Water relationship with medicine 🍀WATER WHEEL MURMUR-intracardiac air embolism,pneumohydropericardium... 🍀WATER SILK REFLEX-retinal angiopathy..... 🍀WATERFALL APPEARANCE-of stomach(gastrospasm),of right hilum(levo transposition of great arteries)... 🍀WATERSTON SHUNT-connection between ascending aorta &rt.pulmonary...
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