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Tips for Preparation NEET PG & DNB

Tips for Preparation of NEET PG AND DNB   ✍Revision is the key to the success in this competitive exam. 💉Why should you revise ?? 👉There is...

HIV high yield questions

HIV high yield questions. Slims disease❓HIV✅Mc opportunistic infection with HIV in India❓TB✅MC fungal infection in AIDS in INDIA? Candidiasis✅Mc Fungal infection in AIDS in world❓pneumocystis...

Ortho High Yield

Ortho High Yield 1. Gallow’s Traction – Fracture shaft of Femur used as an Overhead Skin Traction in children less than 2 years 2. In fracture...

Salt and Pepper 

1.Salt and pepper appearance on MRI is seen in Glomus tumors, Vertebral hemangiomas, Juvenile Nasopharyngeal angiofibroma. 2. Salt and pepper appearance in skull Xray is seen in...

Opthalmology High Yields

Classifications used in Ophthalmology ✅KISA index: Keratoconus ✅Ropen Hall/ Dua Classification: Chemical Injury ✅CARMS: ARMD ✅Rees Elsworth classification: RB ✅Van Herik’s : AC depth ✅SUN : Uveitis classification Also...


Amyloidosis 1. PRIMARY AMYLOIDOSIS  Most common cause of primary amyloidosis - Multiple Myeloma  Most common organ involved in primary amyloidosis - Kidney Most common cause of death in primary...

Drugs Contraindicated in Pregnancy

💊Drugs contraindicated in pregnancy💊 1,NSAIDS during 3rd trimester. May has effects on the fetal cardiovascular system (closure of the ductus arteriosus). 2, Statins Cholesterol is needed for fetal...

Some Important Muscles

Some Important Muscles and their Special names !!! 1-Anti rape Muscle / Muscle virgineous : Gracilis 2-Cheating Muscle : Superior oblique 3-Safety muscle of tongue...

Cranial Nerve High Yield Points

​Cranial nerve high yield points  1. Cranial nerve which is smallest - olfactory nerve  2. Cranial nerve which enter the cerebrum directly - olfactory nerve  3. Cranial...

Broadmann Areas

​Broadman Areas Areas 3, 1 & 2 - Primary Somatosensory Cortex (frequently referred to as Areas 3, 1, 2 by convention) Area 4 -...
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